DaDa a new start ...

The story of DaDa bikinis begins after a "fed up", in the same a bit like Dadaism after the 1st
world war... ...

Well ok, the context is completely different but the feelings were similar. The truth is that DaDa didn't quite recognize herself in her job as a nurse anymore. Even though she was applying herself to it with all her heart, her self balance was taking a blow. She then realized that she was a repressed creator. Ever since she was a child, her hobby was to create, compose, imagine.

And why not transform her hobby into her profession?

Coquette and feminine, DaDa was often torn... Because nowadays, who says fashion, says fast-fashion, pollution, ecological disaster, slavery etc.. DaDa couldn't bear to wear clothes that had traveled more than she had. The hardest part of all this is that DaDa thought that she was indirectly responsible for it all.

So DaDa had an idea ...

The undenyable global warming meant that it was necessary to find a solution to dress accordingly!

Dada wanted to create BIKINIS, and BOXER SHORTS for men.

(DaDa promises that if global warming decreases then DaDa will create down jackets !)

Dada was also "fed up" with stigmas. She did not recognize herself as the photoshoped girls in glossy magazines. DaDa did not understand why we do not advocate diversity, while nature keeps telling us that diversity is key. She believes that if we are born in a body, it is because it is beautiful and made to wear a nice bikini or underwear.

DaDa wants all women to feel good in their bodies, with swimwear cuts adapted to all morphologies.

If you can't find what you're looking for, meet DaDa for a custom swimsuit, she will be delighted to create a model to your taste.

DaDa's story is just beginning, I hope she will have many more beautiful stories to tell you.

See you splash in the water!

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